Core Team of LianQuan

LianQuan has a group of talented marketing, technical and legal experts and in blockchain industry.

Sophie Xu

Founder and CMO

She is a continuous entrepreneur, founder of Feichi Technology, has the Internet operation and promotion experiences for 10 years, is the moderator of the forums with 1 million registered IDs, has rich media and industry resources in the digital money field, and is invited as the honorary member of the blockchain alliance in North America.

Jeffrey Chen

Founder and CTO

He is a senior full-stack software engineer and project director and has software development experience for more than 5 years. He has participated in and led development, frontend and backend architecture design of multiple enterprise-class software. He has rich experiences in technical marketing promotion and social media promotion for the large-size and medium-size enterprises in the North America. Experience in blockchain platforms, distributed ledger, and smart contracts.

Victor Zheng

Legal Advisor

He is a famous lawyer, acts as the associate director of the Ruide Law Firm, graduated from Transportation Institute of Wuhan University Of Technology, is dedicated to the civil and commercial law and company law and has multiple honors and rich work experiences. He started to involve the bitcoin industry at home and abroad as the investor in 2014, later deeply studied the related policies, laws and regulations on the encrypted money, and has acted as the law advisors for multiple foreign and domestic enterprise and institutions and digital money investors and individuals.

Bob Wood

Technical Advisor

Bob Wood (America) is the Nexxus founder and CEO and has cooperated with the Microsoft of Bill.Gates and Electronic Data Systems of Ross. Petour. He founded Pinnacle Institute with more than 30 sales agencies. He has founded an electronic commerce company valuated as 200 million USD.