Misson of LianQuan Technology

LianQuan provides professional community engagement and other high value services for blockchain projects. As cryptocurrency and blockchain investors ourselves, we know that maintaining investor confidence is crucial to the success of any project. We have immense experience with multiple aspects of the ICO market, ranging from community management to marketing and even blockchain development. With our community management service alone, you can remove the need to train experienced community leaders from scratch entirely and leave your public relations in the hands of qualified and trained community leaders.

Major Services We Offer

Community Management

Looking to carry out an ICO? We offer professional community management services that strengthen investor confidence and maximizes potential investment. In addition to answering questions about your project and token sale, we will also perform quality moderation to ensure that there is strong network effect and positive public sentiment. This ensures long term value even when your token sale is over, through legitimate trust in the project.

Bounty Campaign

Bounty Programmes are one of the best ways to reach out to investors in the ICO ecosystem.
With our specific approach to growth-hacking of your bounty programme, you can be assured of massive outreach to cryptocurrency interest groups. Our organic approach to maximizing investor interest will ensure your ICO achieves maximum success.
Our bounty services are fully customized and designed in conjunction with your team goals – prioritize what you need, ranging from investor engagement to marketing, PR, investors or even media coverage.

PR / ICO listing and Exchanges

We understand that the investor community and the developer community may have very different goals, and it is very difficult to focus on marketing efforts whilst planning the ICO and product development. LianQuan has vast experience coordinating marketing efforts including Bounty Programmes, Investor Relations, Press Releases, Paid Advertising, ICO Listing. Let us take over your marketing and PR, while you can focus on what you do best!
We also have experience with listing your coins on major exchanges all over the world.