Services We Offer

Social Media Management

We have a group of social mediam management experts with 5 years of experience. Social Media Management including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, BitcoinTalk, Instagram, Medium, etc.

Airdrop Distribution

We have a team of professionals to design airdrop website, and since has connection to most of the major airdrop channels, which can help you spread your airdrop information to all social media within a second.

Community Compaign

This is a versatile service that mainly involves telegram/Wechat/Twitter users from our member base, who are to be active and join your current telegram group. There it is their choice to be posting about your coin in a positive light, based on their own opinions upon reading your project’s description.

Bot Development

We can develop various types of telegram bots, QQ bots, Wechat bots to cater your needs. Functionalities includes addd people in Telegram/Wechat group, group management by removing spams/ads, and Turing inteligent reply designed by our bots, etc.

Press Release

We have cooperations with major blockchain media and presses. We help display your news (marketing piece, announcements, financial reports, etc...) on top blockchain website and will be visible to targeted audiences with high traffic.

ICO Rating and Listing

We can help your ICO listed on ico listing and rating platforms to promote your projects and get fundings from ICO token sales. We can also help upgrade your rating score by influencing these ICO rating platforms.

Exchanges Listing

We can help your coins listed on major top exchanges around the world including China, Japan, Korean and United States. We have connections to the people in charging of coin listing on these exchanges.


We always ready to use the most recent and advanced markerting techniques to promote your business and project. Stay tuned.